The following terms and conditions ("Sales Terms") shall apply to the overall sales of roof top tents (for automobiles) hereinafter referred to as "Products,” which the "Customer" may order from ZIFER ITALIA S.r.l. based in Rivarolo Mantovano, Viale Risorgimento No. 23 (VAT AND TAX CODE 01329850208) hereinafter simply referred to as “ZIFER” or “Seller,” by accessing the internet site identified by the domain, ("Internet Site"). These Sales Terms apply exclusively to the purchases performed on the internet Site. The Sales Terms applicable to orders relayed through the internet Site are those in force at the time the order is stipulated. Upon pointing the cursor at the “Accept” box in the ”confirm order” section of the internet site, and before carrying out the order, the buyer should confirm to have read, understood and accepted these current Sale Terms as a whole. In case of refusal of these Sales Terms, it will not be possible to order any product from the internet Site.
The consumer’s acceptance of these Sales Terms, together with the description found on the site (in correspondence with each item) of the characteristics of the products furnished, shall imply the professional-seller’s automatic fulfilment of the information obligations before the conclusion of the contract, in compliance with the principles of loyalty and good faith, so as to guarantee the full protection of the user. Whoever intends to use the internet site will be deemed, by virtue of the use made, to have accepted to abide by the Policy Privacy considered as an integral part of these current Sales Terms.


The sales offer and sale of the products on this site are addressed exclusively to persons residing or domiciled in a European country.
Those who can purchase on this site must:

  • Have reached legal age (18 in Italy)
  • Have the juridical capacity to stipulate contracts

If a minor, or person unable to stipulate a contract in terms of law, his/her parents or legal guardian shall stipulate and accept these Sales Terms in his/her name. The orders possibly concluded in breach of these provisions shall be null. The purchase may proceed only after registering on the site.


All the orders performed on the internet Site are subject to the related availability and acceptance by ZIFER, which reserves the right to change the range of items proposed on the Site. The Customer Service and relevant product pages on the internet Site furnish all the information on the products and their availability.


To be able to make an order on the internet Site, the Customer shall be asked to register, and in particular, furnish valid and updated personal data such as: name, surname, address of residence, ZIP, tax code and e-mail address. This information is necessary for correct purchase management. The Customer is thus invited to furnish exact and true information.


If you wish to make orders on the internet Site, the order made will be managed as follows. The information and relevant codes related to the products are available on the site for each item present; such information is furnished in compliance with provisions of Art. 49 of the Consumption Code. Before proceeding with the purchase, the user will have to register on the site by filling in the “customer form”.
Once registered, the Customer may proceed with the choice of the Products. When this is done, the Customer shall have to click on the "buy online" box to add the Product itself to the basket of Products selected for purchase.
The Customer may thus proceed to the purchase or add other Products to the trolley, and may view and modify the data of the items ordered before completing the order itself, including the elimination of one or more products placed in the trolley.
Before proceeding to the purchase of Products through the transmission of the order form, the Customer will be asked to carefully read the Sales Terms.
The order form will be archived in the databank of Zifer Italia s.r.l. for the time necessary to fulfill the order and, however, within terms of law.
Upon perfecting the purchase, the Customer will be asked to furnish other personal information, among which, will be the billing address, shipment address if different from that forthe billing, the tax code and payment details. The Customer guarantees that all the personal information given is true and correct.
Please consult the Privacy Policy for further information on how Zifer Italia s.r.l. uses and for how long it will store the personal information provided.
The order will be accepted by ZIFER through an “order confirmation” by email.


All the prices given on the pages on products of the internet site are intended as inclusive of VAT, but at net of the shipment costs and other charges. The currency used is the Euro. The shipment costs and VAT shall be indicated distinctly on the order form and shall also appear on the order receipt notice and invoice. The applicable VAT for the purchase by Italian natural persons and companies is 22% pursuant to applicable norms.

Per spedizioni in paesi dell’Unione europea i costi di spedizioni saranno così determinati:

Tende da tetto


Prezzo: € 150,00 + € 50,00 per ogni tenda da tetto aggiuntiva


Prezzo: € 210,00 + € 50,00 per ogni tenda da tetto aggiuntiva

Accessori con volume superiore a 0.10 m3:


Prezzo: € 50,00 + € 20,00 per ogni accessorio aggiuntivo


Prezzo: € 70,00 + € 20,00 per ogni accessorio aggiuntivo

Accessori con volume minore a 0.10 m3:


Prezzo: € 15,00 + € 10,00 per ogni accessorio aggiuntivo


The Customer is obliged to carefully verify all the details before proceeding, thus including without any limitation, of every purchase item.
After a careful check of the order, the customer may tick the box beside "I agree with the service terms and accept them unconditionally” to confirm global and binding acceptance of the Sales Terms. After this the customer should click on the button, “proceed with checkout” to make the purchase.


Payment may be performed through the means indicated on the site of the Seller following the confirmation by the Customer, of his/her intention to proceed with the order made. The owners of the credit/debit card are subject to validation and authorisation verifications by the issuer of the card or the payment service chosen. If the payment card issuer negates the authorization to pay the dues to ZIFER, the Customer will take charge of contacting the issuer to resolve the problem.

In case of payment through credit cards, the financial information (e.g. the credit/debit card number, or expiry date) will be relayed via encrypted protocol to the credit institution assigned by ZIFER to carry out the payment procedure and which furnishes the relevant remote electronic payment services, which no third parties can access in any way.

Payment methods: PayPal, Credit card, Bank transfer.

After making the order and selecting the payment method, ZIFER shall await the receipt of the payment before proceeding with order fulfilment. Only if the payment is done within 8 days from the order completion, will the delivery deadlines be complied with pursuant to Art. 11.


Zifer Italia s.r.l. undertakes to protect the Customer’s personal information for the entire online sales process. However, the security and integrity of the data transmitted to the internet site cannot be guaranteed and therefore Zifer Italia s.r.l. cannot be held liable for damages or loss arising from the use of the internet network, as in the case of hacking (illicit intrusion into information systems).


In conformity to the provisions of Art. 49 of the Consumption Code at the time of order confirmation, ZIFER will transmit to the Customer via e-mail, the information regarding the essential characteristics of the products acquired, detailed indication of the price, and information on the delivery costs. The Customer shall, without delay, verify the contents of the communication and immediately report any errors or omissions to ZIFER.
The order receipt notice shall contain a reference order number assigned by ZIFER. Once received the Customer is obliged to carefully read the Sales Terms and keep the Order Reference Number for any further information in case it has to be traced.


The shipment expenses, as determined pursuant to Art. 6, are highlighted in the order form and will be added to the price of the products ordered. Product delivery schedules to customers residing in the European Union varies from a minimum of 7 to a maximum of 20 days starting from the receipt of the payment, and however, not later than thirty (30) days from the conclusion of the contract.


Following order fulfilment, ZIFER will issue the relevant invoice, which will be sent together with the Product in cases where the invoice address corresponds to the address of the destination requested, otherwise, the invoice will be sent via e-mail to the invoice address.


Pursuant to Art. 52 Consumption Code, the Customer may exercise withdrawal rights by contacting ZIFER at the following address: [email protected]; within fourteen (14) days from the receipt of the Products purchased, specifying the order number, the product for which he/she intends to exercise withdrawal rights, his/her invoicing data and an e-mail address for contact purposes. The customer will be contacted by ZIFER’s Customer

Service which will coordinate and manage procedures for the return and reimbursement.
Il rimborso sarà comprensivo del prezzo pagato per il prodotto e delle spese di spedizione iniziali. Non saranno rimborsate le spese di spedizione collegate alla restituzione del Prodotto.

The reimbursement will include the price paid for the products and the initial shipment expenses. Shipment expenses connected to the return of the Product will not be reimbursed.

    The withdrawal right is correctly performed when the following conditions have been fully complied with: Sending of an e-mail within fourteen (14) working days starting from the date on which the Customer received the products, bearing all the information requested;
  • The products have not been used or damaged;
  • The products shall be returned in their original package and wrappings;

After ZIFER has received the returned product and confirmed that all the requirements have been complied with, it will send an e-mail to confirm the acceptance of the returned products. The reimbursement will be activated in the shortest time possible, and however, within the term of fourteen (14) days from the moment it received the decision of the consumer to withdraw from the contract. The seller will carry out the reimbursement through the same payment means previously used by the consumer.
The professional-seller may withhold the reimbursement until he has received the returned product, or until the consumer has demonstrated to have dispatched the items, according to which situation occurs first.

The Customer is the sole person responsible for the reduced value of the product, that may result from handling procedures differing from those necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning.
The return procedure is considered concluded upon the client’s receipt of the credit note equivalent to the amount of the purchase invoices minus the expenses for the withdrawal of the returned product, which are charged to the Customer, and the receipt of the bank transfer related to the returned item itself.
Pursuant to Art. 59 paragraph I letter c) Consumption Code, the right to withdrawal is excluded in relation to the supply of goods that have been evidently customised.


ZIFER guarantees the product from conformity defects, for two years from the date of delivery. Any defective part arising from manufacturing faults, duly verified by ZIFER’s technical service, will be replaced free of charge. The warranty is not applicable in case of improper or wrong use, repairs by third parties, negligence, damages caused by accidents or bumps, or normal wear of the product and/or its parts. For this purpose, the page in the section “General instructions for use” contains suggestions and warnings for the use and maintenance of the Products.
To be able to use the guarantees without needing to produce further documentation, the Client has to register for the guarantee on the internet site.
Should the Client wish to make use of the guarantee, he or she must contact ZIFER’s Customer Service, via e-mail, at the address [email protected] or at the telephone number +39037699590, specifying the tent’s series number, the conformity defect evidenced and an e-mail address or telephone number in order to be contacted. If the Client has not registered for the guarantee, he or she shall also have to present a copy of the invoice and/or purchase receipt. The Seller’s Customer Service will undertake to contact the Client to coordinate the verification of the defective product.
In this case, the Client is obliged, at his own expense, to properly pack the tent and send it back to the factory/office for the due verifications.
If ZIFER ascertains the defect and is obliged to replace the tent or the defective part, it will provide for the total refund of the shipping expenses paid by the client; other refunds for other expenses or indemnities are excluded. ZIFER undertakes to proceed with the replacement, when necessary, within 30 days from the day it sends the e-mail to the Client confirming the replacement of the defective part.
Any shipment not included in the Guarantee Conditions will be charged to the client. In every case, upon the sale of the Products, the legal warranties provided in Articles 129, 130 and 132 of the Consumption Code shall apply.


ZIFER guarantees the aftersales service. For any request or question regarding repairs, contact the Customer Service at the following e-mail address: [email protected];
ZIFER undertakes to contact the Customer within seven (7) working days, to coordinate and communicate the assistance procedures, timelines and costs.
Expenses for aftersales assistance not falling under the regulations in Art. 14 (Guarantee) shall be charged entirely to the Customer.


The AUTOHOME trademark, as all the other trademarks, as well as the intellectual property rights related to the products and packs (thus including the design, texts, photographs, graphic images, logos) are and remain the exclusive property of the company, ZIFER ITALIA S.R.L.


The sales discussed in these general terms are governed by the Laws of Italy and, in particular by L. Decree no. 2016 dated 6 September 2005 and subsequent amendments (consumption code), with specific reference to the norms on matters of remote contracts, besides L. Decree No. 70 dated 9 April 2003 for some aspects concerning electronic commerce. Disputes arising from the interpretation, validity and/or execution of these Terms for the mandatory territorial competencies, will be settled by the Judge of the place of residence or domicile of the Customer/consumer if residing in Italy.


For further information and assistance on the Site or on the online purchase modes, the Customer may contact ZIFER at the following address, [email protected], via telephone at no. +39 0376 99590 via fax at the no. +39 0376 958088, or at the address of the company, Via Risorgimento n. 23, Rivarolo Mantovano 46017 (Mantova).