The Client may exercise his/her right to withdraw by contacting ZIFER at the following address: within 14 working days of receipt of the Products purchased, specifying the order number, the product for which the right to withdraw is being exercised, invoice details and an e-mail where the Client can be contacted.

The client is contacted by ZIFER Customer Service which coordinates the procedure to return the product and refund the price paid.
The refund includes the price paid for the product and the initial delivery cost. The cost of returning the product is not refunded.

The right to withdraw is exercised properly when the following conditions are fully met:

  • an e-mail is sent within fourteen (14) working days of receipt of the products, setting out all the required information;
  • the products have not been used or damaged;
  • the products are sent back in their original packaging and packing.

When ZIFER receives the returned product it checks that all the requirements have been met and, if so, sends an e- mail confirming acceptance of the return. The refund takes place as quickly as possible, and in all cases within fourteen days of being informed of the intention of the Client to withdraw from the agreement. The refund is carried out with the same payment method as used by the Client.
The Seller may make the refund only after receiving the goods or proof that they have been sent, if earlier.

The Client is liable solely for damage caused and the consequent loss of value over and above the inevitable damage from unpacking and checking the functioning of the product.

The return procedure is terminated on receipt by the client of the credit note for the purchase invoice, less the cost of receiving the return, which are borne by the Client, and the cost of the bank transfer for the refund.