The following terms and conditions ("Sales conditions") apply to all sales of roof top tents (for vehicles), hereafter  "Products”, which the "Client" can order from ZIFER ITALIA S.r.l. with headquarters in Rivarolo Mantovano, viale Risorgimento 23 ( VAT and tax code 01329850208), hereafter “ZIFER” or “the Seller”,  via access to the website identified by the domain name (the "Website").
These Sales Conditions apply exclusively to purchases on the Website.
The Sales Conditions for orders sent via the Website are those applicable at the moment the order was stipulated. Ticking the "Accept" box in the section confirming the website order, before making the order, means that the client has understood and accepts all of these Sales Conditions. If you do not accept these Sales Conditions, you cannot order products on the Website.
Anyone using the website shall be deemed, by virtue of this use, to have accepted and to be bound by the Privacy Policy, which is an integral part of these Sales Conditions.


The products offered for sale on this website may be purchased exclusively by residents or people domiciled in a European country.
In addition, purchases must be made by people:

  • over the age of consent (18 in Italy)
  • who have the legal faculty to stipulate contracts.

If you are a minor or do not have the legal faculty to stipulate contracts, a parent or legal guardian must make the order for you and accept these Sales Conditions. Any orders stipulated in violation of these conditions shall be null and void.
You may purchase only after registering with the website.


All orders carried out on the Website are subject to the availability of products and acceptance by ZIFER, who may change the range of items offered on the Site.
Customer Service and the pages on the website dedicated to products provide all the necessary information about products and their availability.


To make an order on the Website the Client must register and provide accurate and up-to-date personal details, including first name, family name, address, post code, tax code and e-mail address.
This information is required to properly manage the order. Clients must provide exact and truthful information.


Orders on the Website are managed as specified below.
Information concerning products, with product codes, are available on the site. These details are provided pursuant to sections 52 and 53 of the Consumer Code.

Before making a purchase the user should register by filling in the “client form”.
After registering, Clients may choose the Products they wish to purchase. After choosing the Product, Clients should click on "purchase online" to add the Product to the shopping trolley.
It is then possible to purchase other Products and add them to the trolley or else purchase that sole Product. The Client can display and modify the order details before confirming the order, and can remove one or more Products from the chopping trolley.
Before making the purchase by transmitting the order form, the Client will be asked to carefully read the Sales Conditions, to print them out, memorize them or make a copy for personal use.
The order form is kept on file by ZIFER in its data base for the time required to process the order, in compliance with the law.
When making an order, the Client will be asked to provide additional personal details, including the invoice address, delivery address if different from invoice address, tax code and payment details. The Client guarantees that all the personal details are truthful and accurate. See the Privacy Policy for further information on how ZIFER uses the data and how long the data is retained.
Orders must be accepted by ZIFER by means of an “order acknowledgement” sent to the Client.


All the prices given on product pages on the website are inclusive of VAT but net of delivery costs and other charges. The currency for purchasing is the euro. Delivery costs and VAT are shown separately on the order form, the order acknowledgement and the invoice. VAT applicable to purchases by Italian individuals and companies is 22% pursuant to current regulations.

For delivery in the European Union, the costs are as follows:

Roof top tents


Price: € 150.00 + € 50.00 for each additional tent


Price: € 210.00 + € 50.00 for each additional tent

Accessories with volume over 0.10 m3:


Price: € 50.00 + € 20.00 for each additional accessory


Price: € 70.00 + € 20.00 for each additional accessory

Accessories with volume under 0.10 m3:


Price: € 15.00 + € 10.00 for each additional accessory


Clients should verify all the order details carefully before confirming any purchase order.
After verifying the order details, clients should tick the box "I agree with the service conditions and accept them unconditionally" in order to confirm and be bound by the Sales Conditions, and then click on "go to checkout" to continue with the purchase.


Payment can be carried out by any of the methods specified on the website of the Seller, after order confirmation by the Client of his/her intention to make the order.
Credit/debit card payments are subject to validation and authorization by the issuer or chosen payment service. If the card issuer denies payment authorization to ZIFER, the Client should contact the issue to solve the problem.
For credit card payments, the financial information (for example credit/debit card number and expiry date) is sent by encrypted protocol to the bank appointed by ZIFER to carry out the payment procedures. This bank provides the remote electronic payment services which cannot be accessed in any way by third parties.

After receiving the order and payment method, ZIFER awaits confirmation of payment before processing the order.

Les délais de livraison, comme stipulé dans l'art.11, ne pourront etre respectés que si le règlement est effectué sous 5 jours à compter de la date de la commande.


ZIFER undertakes to protect the personal details of Clients throughout the online sales process. However, it is not possible to guarantee the security and integrity of the data transmitted to the website, hence ZIFER shall not be liable for damages or loss arising from the use of the internet, such as in cases of hacking (the illegal intrusion into IT systems).


Pursuant to section 53 of the Consumer Code, upon order confirmation, ZIFER transmits to the Client, by e-mail, a summary of the Sales Conditions, information about the essential features of the products purchased, a detailed breakdown of the price, details of the delivery costs, information about the right to withdraw from the purchase, the address for any claims or complaints, service details and information about existing commercial warranties. Clients should immediately verify the contents of this communication and notify ZIFER without delay of any errors or omissions.
The order acknowledgement gives a ZIFER reference number for the order. After receipt, Clients should carefully read the Sales Conditions and keep a record of the Order Reference Number for any eventualities.


Delivery costs, as determined pursuant to article 6 above, are shown on the order form and are added to the price of the products ordered.
Le délai de livraison d'articles destinés à des clients résidant au sein de l'Union Européenne peut aller d'un minimum de 7 jours à un maximum de 20 jours à compter de la réception du règlement et ne pourra pas excéder 30 jours à compter de la date de la commande.


After processing the order, ZIFER issues the invoice which is sent with the Product where the invoice and delivery addresses coincide, or to the invoice address where they do not.


The Client may exercise his/her right to withdraw by contacting ZIFER at the following address: within 14 working days of receipt of the Products purchased, specifying the order number, the product for which the right to withdraw is being exercised, invoice details and an e-mail where the Client can be contacted.

The client is contacted by ZIFER Customer Service which coordinates the procedure to return the product and refund the price paid.
The refund includes the price paid for the product and the initial delivery cost. The cost of returning the product is not refunded.

The right to withdraw is exercised properly when the following conditions are fully met:

  • an e-mail is sent within fourteen (14) working days of receipt of the products, setting out all the required information;
  • the products have not been used or damaged;
  • the products are sent back in their original packaging and packing.

When ZIFER receives the returned product it checks that all the requirements have been met and, if so, sends an e- mail confirming acceptance of the return. The refund takes place as quickly as possible, and in all cases within fourteen days of being informed of the intention of the Client to withdraw from the agreement. The refund is carried out with the same payment method as used by the Client.
The Seller may make the refund only after receiving the goods or proof that they have been sent, if earlier.

The Client is liable solely for damage caused and the consequent loss of value over and above the inevitable damage from unpacking and checking the functioning of the product.

The return procedure is terminated on receipt by the client of the credit note for the purchase invoice, less the cost of receiving the return, which are borne by the Client, and the cost of the bank transfer for the refund.


ZIFER guarantees the product for a period of two years from the delivery date against manufacturing defects. Any such defect, duly verified by the ZIFER technical department, shall be replaced free of charge. The warranty is not applicable in cases of improper or erroneous use, repairs by third parties, negligence, damage from bumping or accidents, and normal wear and tear of the product and/or its components. Page under “General Operating Recommendations” sets out advice on how to use and maintain the Products.
To benefit from the warranty without the need of any other documentation, the Client should register the warranty on the website.
Clients wishing to invoke the warranty should contact ZIFER Customer Service at e-mail or call +39037699590 specifying the serial number of the tent, the defect and an e-mail or other address where they can be contacted. If the Client has not registered the warranty, he/she shall provide a copy of the invoice. The Seller shall contact the Client to coordinate verification of the defect by Customer Service.
Where ZIFER confirms the defect and replaces the tent or the defective part, it sends an e-mail to the client to coordinate the procedure to return or replace the product, using a courier chosen by the Seller. ZIFER shall replace defective products, where required, within 30 days of sending the Client an e-mail confirming the replacement.
Any delivery other than by the courier chosen by ZIFER shall be paid for by the Client.
For the sale of Products, the legal warranties set out in sections 129, 130 and 132 of the Consumer Code shall apply.


ZIFER guarantees the provision of an after-sales service. For any request or question concerning repairs, contact Customer Service at
ZIFER will contact the Client within 7 (seven) working days to coordinate and schedule assistance, estimating the cost.
Costs for after-sales services, beyond the services covered by warranty (see art. 14) are borne entirely by the Client.


The AUTOHOME trademark, like all other trademarks and intellectual property rights relating to the products and packaging (including design, texts, photographs, graphic images and logos) are and remain the exclusive property of ZIFER.


Sales under these General Conditions are governed by Italian law, in particular by Legislative Decree 206 dated 6 September 2005 on the consumer code, with specific reference to regulations concerning remote contracts and by Legislative Decree 70 dated 9 April 2003 on some aspects of electronic commerce.
Any disputes arising over the interpretation, validity and/or execution of these Conditions shall be settled exclusively by the Court with jurisdiction where the Client/consumer is resident or domiciled, if in Italy.


For further information and assistance on the Website and how to purchase on-line, Clients can contact ZIFER at the following address, by phone on +39 0376 99590 or fax at +39 0376 958088, or they can write to the company at via Risorgimento 23, Rivarolo Mantovano 46017 (Mantova).