Orders on the Website are managed as specified below.
Information concerning products, with product codes, are available on the site. These details are provided pursuant to sections 52 and 53 of the Consumer Code.

Before making a purchase the user should register by filling in the “client form”.
After registering, Clients may choose the Products they wish to purchase. After choosing the Product, Clients should click on "purchase online" to add the Product to the shopping trolley.
It is then possible to purchase other Products and add them to the trolley or else purchase that sole Product. The Client can display and modify the order details before confirming the order, and can remove one or more Products from the chopping trolley.
Before making the purchase by transmitting the order form, the Client will be asked to carefully read the Sales Conditions, to print them out, memorize them or make a copy for personal use.
The order form is kept on file by ZIFER in its data base for the time required to process the order, in compliance with the law.
When making an order, the Client will be asked to provide additional personal details, including the invoice address, delivery address if different from invoice address, tax code and payment details. The Client guarantees that all the personal details are truthful and accurate. See the Privacy Policy for further information on how ZIFER uses the data and how long the data is retained.
Orders must be accepted by ZIFER by means of an “order acknowledgement” sent to the Client.


All orders carried out on the Website are subject to the availability of products and acceptance by ZIFER, who may change the range of items offered on the Site.
Customer Service and the pages on the website dedicated to products provide all the necessary information about products and their availability.